I wonder how my sims would look like if i’ll make my female sims to dudes..

Please tell me i’m not weird and you did that too

Heyhoo it’s meee. :p

Woahh i tried Mexican food today and it tasted so good but i feel like i have a planet in my Stomach. ;o;

Ok I'm sorry


Haha don’t be crazy tho.. You know exactly you don’t have to say sorry just because you sended me a message. That’s what my askbox is there for.

When can I see you're edit video?


Uhmmm i have not that much free time rn + i don’t have a recording programm soo i guess i’ll just write one someday?





So as I have come up to a follower milestone I thought I had better update my follow forever!
I can’t get in game to give you guys a real gift, so I apologize.

So to all of the blogs on here; thank you.
It’s pretty cliche from here on out, but thank you for making my tumblr experience what…

Omggg thank you so much ;-; You are so nice ;^;